Freelensed Fridays | April 29th-May 5th

With new blossoms and longer days, spring seems perfect for freelensing. But then we quickly move into summer, and  the unlock of our lens gives more depth to the campfires and river days, and children playing late into the night. Then we roll into fall and the setting sun is even warmer. We photograph the details of crisp leaves and golden light. And with winter, rosy cheeks buried between hats and bundled scarves. Every season becomes the best for freelensing…somehow it takes a firm hold as we let go of perfection.

Thank you for continuing to share your images and we look forward to seeing them with each changing season.


Rose Amelia Photos

Rose Amelia Photos

Renee Barth Photography

Renee Barth Photography

JP Photography

JP Photography

Applewood Photography

Applewood Photography

Justyna E Butler Photography

Justyna E Butler Photograph

Holly Donovan

Holly Donovan Photo

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