Month: August 2014

FREELENSED FRIDAYS: August 20th thru August 26th

“The object isn’t to make art, it’s to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable.” ~Robert Henri


I wish everyone a safe and happy Labour Day weekend and I can’t wait to see the magic that all of you create in these last few moments of summer.

xxoo Sherrri


act naturally photography

Act Naturally Photography

amanda voelker

Amanda Voekler Photography

beth fernley

Beth Fernley Photography

deanna melcher photography

Denean Melcher Photography

greenscapes photography

Greenscapes Photography

joni burtt

Joni Burtt Photography

jp photography

JP Photography

moments by madril

Moments By Madrill

privizzini's passion photography

Privizzini’s Passion Photography

victoria hederer bell

Victoria Hederer Bell

Sarah Morgan Boccolucci‎

Sarah Morgan Boccolucci


FREELENSED FRIDAYS : August 13th Thru August 20th

It is with a heavy heart that I have to let everyone know that this is my final week with The Freelensed.

I have absolutely loved my time with this amazing group of talented artists

and seeing all the incredible contributions from all our followers each week!

For me, it just came down to not enough hours in the day to fulfill all my commitments. 

In closing, I simply want to say thank you! Thank you for embracing me, this group

and this gorgeous technique that is so dear to my heart! 

All my love, 

Paige Xo


Carla Mae Photography10361567_734120599983141_7395886930162078881_n



Love Bee Photography1896857_10204069623409873_4072114372807356595_n

Kate Cuénoud Photography10464059_10154494822525472_1404844825886050459_n

HCS Photography10620737_1453243498287274_5249216179407777890_n

My Three Sons Images10540901_344596445689860_2978176296276428173_n

Nina Mingioni Photography10378307_612124387387_9191323356057826325_n

Marcy Harris Photos

FREELENSED FRIDAYS: August 6th thru August 12th

Today is my last day of judging for this incredible page, and so I took the liberty to do a major overshare. In the months since we started this page every time I have had to judge I toil and moan and groan that I have to get the images down to a reasonable amount. Well, get ready for a long post, I still had many more that I would have loved to include, but you would have all been here all day, lol. I am letting go of my role as admin on The Freelensed so that I can take this next year to really focus on my daughter and my health. But, I’ll still be around as much as possible, soaking in all the incredible work that you all share, and now I can share from time to time too!

Freelensing completely filled a void in me. The unpredictability, the softness, the blur, the color, the mood, the depth, all drew me in, and I just had to learn to do it. For those of you just starting out, don’t stop. If you love it, and feel that desire to learn it, succumb to it. Be patient and kind to yourself as you explore this technique, it is just everything.

All my love,


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Amber Carbo Privizzini Becky Crenshaw Mathis_Rear Window Collection Bobbi-JobStuart_Love Bee Photography Bobbi-JobStuart_Love Bee Photography_2 Chels Hover Erin Hensley Photography Joni Burtt Photography KristieRobinPhotography Abigail Vencil PhotographyMarcy Kay Harris_ Marcy Harris Photos Maria Griner Photography Melissa Anderson Clemons_Storytime Photography Monika Breitenmoser Photography  Robin Bonner Photography Sahsha Kochanowicz_ Ruby Lee PhotographyNatalie Wiseman Wheeler_ Act Naturally Photography





FREELENSED FRIDAYS: July 30th thru August 5th

Taking in the last bit of summer. I know we all are. And making images so our memories will remember the details we so quickly forget. From garden harvests to the anticipation of new life and bare feet on the warm summer ground, it was another week full of beautiful images. Thank you for continuing to share and inspire the freelensing community!


Cara Roner Photography

Cara Roner Photography

Click Click Love

Click Click Love

HCS Photography

HCS Photography

Renee B Photography

Renee B Photography

Kala Rath Photography

Kala Rath Photography

Lynzi Berg Photography

Lynzi Berg Photography

Salty Air Creations

Salty Air Creations

The Freelensed Monthly Edition: Aug 2014

I am sitting on the back porch of a beloved mountain home. Thunder is humming in the distance as I watch dark blue clouds tumble across the mountains that frame my view. Yesterday I traveled a thousand miles; driving with my three boys, from beach to desert, to high plains, to foothills. We crossed dry swatches of land, forgotten reservations, Navajo Nations. We came into these San Juan mountains from the back door. I feel so lucky. So at peace.

Though my great grandfather was an accomplished photographer in his day, it does nothing to feed my overly critical brain. Perhaps that’s why I love freelensing so much: that I came into it from the backdoor.

The right and the wrong just don’t exist here.

That, here in the arc of its blurred images I find the back door to my soul: a place where I perch my heart in my dreams.  As summer draws in its last heated gasps of summer, I know I remember things better this way, the blurred images of my memory, the dance between the dark and the day, and the hush of the sky before the storm.

xo- rebecca


sherri july 31 ltbl

Sherri Davis│Sherri Davis Photography



Rebecca Coursey│A Wondered Life Photography



Amanda O’Donoughue│Amanda O’Donoughue Photography



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 Anna Christine Larson│Anna Christine Photography



 Kim Hilliard│Kim Hill Photography



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Cate Wnek│Cate Wnek Photography



Celeste Pavlik│Everyday Photo Bliss


FREELENSED FRIDAYS: July 23rd thru July 30

these were a sweet reminder of the peaceful bits and warmth of this season and of this quote….

‘ wherever you are, be all there.’ —jim elliot

it’s easy to get caught up. but slow down, breathe, allow the fleeting moments to become more than that, allow yourself to just be. the beautiful images you all shared this past week were perfect. it was wonderful to be given the opportunity to experience all the beautiful shares to the page. i do hope that you will all continue to share your art – feel free to grab the feature button to use on your own blog too!

xo- celeste


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Paige Murphy



Moments Captured By Lori



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