Frequently Asked Questions:

 I cannot seem to get anything focus. Can you help me?

1.) Make sure that you are not too close to your subject

2.) Move your body to and from your subject until you get focus

3.) Tilting your lens (up, down, right, left) will help you find your focal plane

4.) Too much light coming in can make it hard to see the focus

5.) Make sure your lens is on infinity and that your aperture is all the way open

6.) Embrace imperfection and learn let go of

7.) practice, practice, practice


Will my lens work?

In short yes, however, if you are a Nikon user you may need to manipulate your lens so that you can keep your aperture open.


I am scared of dropping my camera or lens.

Make sure that you always secure your camera with a neck or wrist strap.


I am scared of hitting my mirror of getting dust in my camera

Never push you lens so far into your camera mount that you will hit your lens. If you are nervous about dust getting on your sensor then try to avoid windy and sandy conditions that may be bring those elements into you camera while your lens is detached.




    1. Hi Julie! While you can use a Nikon lens on a Canon body, you cannot use Canon lenses on Nikon bodies because canons mounts are too large. It will not pair up well. Thanks so much! Happy Freelensing!

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