Month: May 2014

FREELENSED FRIDAY’S: May 21st thru May 27th

Another weeks worth of beautiful images have been shared and the freelensing community continues to grow.

The images that flow in are rich with color and light and freelensing adds another dimension of depth. We hope that everyone continues to share with one another and move forward in this art. It’s lovely to see these all in one place.

xoxo -Anna

Sarah Linquist Swanson

Sarah Linquist Swanson

Sarah Boccolucci Photography | Doula

Sarah Boccolucci Photography | Doula

Nicki Bosch Photography

Nicki Bosch Photography

Kristie Robin Photography

Kristie Robin Photography

Joni Burt Photography

Joni Burt Photography

Eastview Photography

Eastview Photography

Tracy Jade Photography

Tracy Jade Photography

Teddie Yaeger Photography

Teddie Yaeger Photography

Meagan Abell Photography

Meagan Abell Photography

Life Photography by Aniya

Life Photography by Aniya

Ashley Block Photography

Ashley Block Photography




FREELENSED FRIDAY’S: May 14th thru May 20th

I love how freelensing isolates parts of our images and makes us see something’s we may have never noticed before.  Whether it be the beautiful freckles across a woman’s shoulder or innocent details of childhood, freelensing has a way of turning something so mundane into art.  As I was scrolling through the images to choose the ones to feature I felt like I was in a dreamscape.  Its absolutely magical.  I was really inspired by the black and whites shared this past week as well as the pops of spring colors.  I loved each and every image that was shared and I want to keep encouraging all of you to keep putting your beautiful work out into the world and make sure to share on the our Facebook page for a chance to be featured next Friday.

Heres a few of my favorites:

Caitlin Soileau


Anita Cline – My Three Sons Images


Eastview Photography


Three Flowers Photos


Kate Vellacott Pictures

kate vellacott

Kelly Shumaker Photography


Nicki Bosch Photograpy


Sanja Krog Photography


The Whispering Willow


Alex Summer Photography


FREELENSED FRIDAY’S: May 7th thru May 13th

“The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.” – Anna Quindlen

Freelensing can be hard and frustrating because you can see the image but for some reason it is just out of your grasp.   Ohh the focus is missed…ohhh there it goes again.  But there is a point where fleeting light and the tilt of the lens come together to create the imperfectly perfect image.  A collision of you as the artist and a few tools to make art that bears your artistic signature.

This week you all submitted some amazing images.  Inspiring and just downright beautiful. Keep them coming.  We love seeing all the images from everyone.

For this week here are a few of our favorites.



Erin Hensley Photography


Lens & Beauty


Micah Hewett Images


Brooke Marich Photography


Kristin Anderson Photography


Teddi Yaeger Photography


Nancy Ivette Macias Photography


Luca Fumero- Luchinophoto


Love Bee Photography


Kelly Akers Photography


Tracy Jade Photography

FREELENSED FRIDAY’S: April 30th thru May 6th

Goodness gracious me. what a wonderful way to wake up and have a cup of coffee and mull over some really beautiful freelensed images. It kind of made me feel like I was still in bed dreaming. Love all of the rich colors this week and the effort behind some of these just blows me away. I can’t wait to see what everyone shares next week. Keep up the great work everyone! Even if you’re brand new to freelensing, share your weekly favorite images on our Facebook wall for a chance at a feature on our blog.

Here are some of your favorites and mine…


Moments by Madril


Lens & Beauty


Raine Chism Photography


 llze Louw Photography


Lens & Beauty


Kelly Akers Photography


Andrea Meisgeier


Alena Photography


Love Bee Photography


Annie Otzen Photography


Tiffany Roberts Photography

The Freelensed Monthly Edition: May 2014

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”  Henry David Thoreau

Each of us is born an artist. When we are children we connect to the world around us through our senses, we see things that grown-ups don’t. But suddenly, we arrive at that place where we are no longer children.  As we get older, often our sight, our words, our taste for life begins to fail us. Not because we are uncreative and old, but because we forget to use the gifts we were given at birth. So from time to time we must remember to step off the path in front of us, push our hearts to the pounding limit, and drink the world around us as we did when we were once new.  Freelensing pushes us to continue to redefine our art; to redefine how we see the world. To make more, create more, to make our art better.

 We are so grateful that so many of you have joined us in in this freelensing community.

We cannot even express how awe inspiring all of your images have been to each and every one of us.

You dear friends, are inspiration.

Each month we admin will be sharing our current favorite freelensed image in a Monthly Edition Post. Here is the May Edition. Enjoy! and please continue to share, participate, and encourage us with your beautiful work!

Anna Christine Larson│Anna Christine Photography



Kim Hilliard│Kim Hill Photography


Paige Everson│Sweet Magnolia Photography


sherri davis photography

Sherri Davis│Sherri Davis Photography



Rebecca Coursey│A Wondered Life Photography



Amanda O’Donoughue│Amanda O’Donoughue Photography



Lindsey Bergstrom│Lindsey Bergstrom PhotographyTheFreelensed_Blog_Divider


DeAnna McCasland│DeAnna McCasland PhotographyTheFreelensed_Blog_Divider

FREELENSED FRIDAY’S: April 23rd thru April 29th

oh friends, you all took my breath away this week! each photo posted to our wall was unique and special. I especially love the first attempts at flare. i love the stories behind them too. each of us are made all the more brave when we put ourselves out there and try something different, new and challenging.   remember, perspective is everything! xxoo, rebecca here is a small collection of the ones I adored: