Month: March 2014

Anna Christine

In the company of incredible talent, I’m so happy to be here! I’m Anna, owner of Anna Christine Photography.

Making images is the daily creative outlet that frees me. It gives balance to my daily routine as a wife and mother of three. Our home is loud and the pace is fast but my camera teaches me to see. It slows the story down and lends a new perspective. One that’s full of the tiniest details, incredible light, and moments of connection. For me, freelensing adds another dimension. It helps tell the story through mood and focus and another layer is built around an already beautiful scene.

I’m very new to this technique and still have so much to learn, but I look forward to growing alongside others. Thank you for stopping by the blog! I look forward to seeing your vision turned into beautiful and meaningful art. {}

Welcome to The Freelensed

We are so excited to launch this new Community Page and Blog for a very swiftly growing group of photographers who enjoy the technique of freelensing! Our goal is to support one another and participate alongside all of you so we can grow in this technique together. We’ve already asked you to share your “favorite freelensed” image of the week and the results are amazing! We’re blown away, and for many of you it’s your first attempt.

We look forward to sharing a collection of your work every Wednesday. The admins of this blog will be selecting images (no set number) for the purpose of sharing how unique and beautiful freelensing can be. The facebook page is a community for all levels of freelensers. We love seeing everyone’s vision come to life.






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