Behind “The Freelensed”

Meet the ladies behind “The Freelensed” FB Community Page and Blog.

DeAnna McCasland

Hello!  I am so thrilled to be here!  Im DeAnna, with DeAnna Mccasland Photography.

Freelensing has been a creative outlet for me while staying at home with my children.  Its easy to let every day feel the same, like we are robots working  through our routine as we check chores off our to do lists.  Freelensing has been a way to make me   s l o w     d o w n & to help me through this season of life.  Like most of you, I am a very busy mama of 2, a wife, & business owner.   This is a way for me to take a minute to really think about the image I’m creating instead of just a quick snap.  Its a way for me to push my inner artist to create something meaningful.  It has become an outlet for me to take time out of my day to create.  And the outcome with freelensing is magical.  Like its right out of a dream.  That serves as a reminder that not all days are rushed through, that we did take time to find the beauty and to enjoy each moment of these long glorious days of motherhood.

I am looking forward to pushing myself to create more freelensed images and Im honored to be doing so along side all of you.



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Rebecca Coursey-Rugh

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” – Henry David Thoreau


what will be left behind when we go? some of us are very sure of what our imprint will be.

others, we cling to small strands, tiny threaded marks, the beat of our child’s heart: we are unsure what the legacy of our path will be, unsure that we will have something worthwhile to look back on.

in the busy rush of the day, i am a hurried soul, running from shower, to dressing, to shoes on, to kisses on boys’ heads, to out the door.

other times, i slow down. and instead of running from my self, from my body, my dreams, i am present. there in that space of slowness, i find space. breathing space.

there, in this quiet space, i find that the turn of the lens and the click of the shutter fills my soul.

there, in the blurred lines and out of focus outcomes, i see into the beating of my heart, and the hope of resetting my soul anew.

there i see that my life’s work is not all unaccounted for and disregarded. there is the brief connection between who i am and what i do.

there i see that the mark i am making as i tread across the days is not all ugly and scarred, but hope-filled and beautiful.

in the days to come, as the years stretch forward, i hope we look to this place as a refuge. where the blurred is beautiful, where scars are no longer ugly but joyous. where we, as artists, as mothers, as lovers, are able to celebrate our perspective, knowing that our point of view is not always perfect but comes from deep inside our selves. that we remember, it is not just how we look at things that matter, but what we see through it all. _E5B0024

my name is rebecca, i photograph, i write, i mother. xxoo

Amanda O’Donoughue

Hello, my name is Amanda O’Donoughue.

The freelens work I have seen so far from everyone that shares here is so special. I really relate to the passion and patience that is involved in this skill and am looking forward to growing alongside all of you.

Even though my freelensing adventures are new, I am completely in love with the technique. The light “fog” and softness of the images remind me of  dreams. Images resembling the subconscious.  I am a fan of manual focus, even without freelensing, so I feel very comfortable with my finger planted on the ring. I work primarily with a toddler as my muse, so it is always a challenge finding a quick focus and i have recently let go of the expectations to find a sharpness in the process. I first saw the technique used by Lindsey Bergstrom, and even though I was inspired by her beautiful portraits, I didn’t try it myself until sometime later. Once I made the decision to sell my back-up camera, the first thing I did was take the lens off and freelens. Needless to say, I have yet to sell that camera. I am hooked.

I am honored to be apart of this group and look forward to sharing the love for the freelensed.

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Sherri Davis

I’m so excited to be here with these incredible photographers. My name is Sherri and I own Sherri Davis Photography.

Photography is my therapy. It has taught me to slow down and be in the moment, enjoying even the simplest times and seeing the beauty there. Freelensing is so energizing. The freedom to create the unpredictable gives me an incredible rush every time I slip off my lens. I love that something so beautiful can emerge from an ordinary moment just by altering what the eye expects. What is normally overlooked. That is what makes freelensing so wonderful. As you tilt your lens and different parts of a scene come into focus you see things differently. You end up with something that surprises. It is that unexpectedness that drives me.

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Paige Everson

Hello everyone! My name is Paige Everson, owner of Sweet Magnolia Photography-NY.

When I first began in photography I was pretty much strictly a macro shooter and I mostly just photographed nature. So I decided to go back to my roots a little with this post. This is my second year freelensing. It is by far my favorite way to shoot! I love that dreamy blur and the almost watercolor look it gives. I also love how, once you remove the lens and arc it, you get a magnifying effect, similar to macro.

I am very thankful to be surrounded by these other extremely talented women. I just know this is going to be something special and beautiful. I hope you will join us on this exciting journey, and share your freelensed images with us as well.





Kim Hilliard

Hello everyone! I am Kim of Kim Hill Photography!

Oh freelensing how I love it so. I had been admiring this technique for sometime, but was totally scared of dropping my lens or getting dust blown into my camera etc, etc. Finally with some helpful hints and encouragement from both Lindsey Bergstrom of Lindsey Bergstrom Photography and Paige of Sweet Magnolia Photography-NY I took the plunge and…. I totally didn’t “get” it, lol! I felt confused and defeated. I think I might have tried twice, but got nothing. On my third try I got the first image that you see below, and I loved it soo very much!!! I still had no clue what I was doing, but boy was I hooked! I entered it into the “Finding the Light” workshop contest and placed Honorable Mention with a prize. I was shocked! But it helped give me the confidence to continue. There is just something about it that feeds my creative soul. I look forward to being a part of this project/page, and being inspired by you all as we explore and grow in this world of freelensing.






Anna Christine

In the company of incredible talent, I’m so happy to be here! I’m Anna, owner of Anna Christine Photography.

Making images is the daily creative outlet that frees me. It gives balance to my daily routine as a wife and mother of three. Our home is loud and the pace is fast but my camera teaches me to see. It slows the story down and lends a new perspective. One that’s full of the tiniest details, incredible light, and moments of connection. For me, freelensing adds another dimension. It helps tell the story through mood and focus and another layer is built around an already beautiful scene.

I’m very new to this technique and still have so much to learn, but I look forward to growing alongside others. Thank you for stopping by the blog! I look forward to seeing your vision turned into beautiful and meaningful art. {}