About The Freelensed

The Freelensed is a community for photographers to share with one another and inspire through the freelensing technique. This is a place to learn, grow and move forward in one of many areas of photography.

Check back weekly for inspiring freelensed images as well as tips and tricks that may help answer some of your questions. We’d love to have you join in and post your favorite weekly freelensed image to the facebook wall and we’ll be featuring them on the blog!


{Behind The Freelensed}

Sherri, owner of Sherri Davis Photography : Sherri is an artist and photographer who lives a messy, crayon and lego filled life on a farm smack dab in the middle nowhere with her husband, two children, a dog (sometimes two) and her camera. In winter you can find her skating on her backyard rink with her kiddos or building a snow fort. In the summer she’ll be barefoot in the grass chasing a praying mantis/butterfly/snake or at the beach making yet another sand castle. She has a strange obsession with clotheslines and has been known to wash clean bedding just so her kids can play in the wet sheets as they dry in the wind. Sherri is addicted to fresh-baked bread, caprese salad, chocolate chili pepper tea and has recently discovered (and fallen in love with) the rule breaking magic of freelensing.


Paige, owner of Sweet Magnolia Photography-NY : Paige describes herself as a little, loud Italian gal who loves to laugh and make other people laugh too. She is most happy when she’s home with her family. She would much rather hang out in sweatpants watching a movie or be canning fresh veggies from her garden than to go out for a night on the town. When she’s not being a self-proclaimed “hermit” she loves to photograph anything and everything. She has been in business since 2011. This is her second year freelensing and she is loving every minute of it.


Anna, owner of Anna Christine Photography : Anna has always been drawn to living life free of plans. Traveling and exploring other cultures was what set her free. It was full of crazy adventures and memories she’ll never forget. Now as a wife and mother to three, her days are different but  just as adventurous. Full of messy art work and stories and wild “plane rides” with a two-year old flying through the air on her mommas feet. The five of them are just settling into their new surroundings in the Pacific North West. Olympia, WA has recently become home as they were ready for a new adventure… one with endless amounts of moss covered trees. While she’s busy creating a nurturing home for her family,  photography provides her with balance. It gives her the creative outlet she needs. Freelensing is very new to her but she loves the way it can turn any ordinary scene into something so unexpected.


Kim, owner of Kim Hill Photography : Kim is a graphic designer turned photographer from the good old state of Alabama. She was born and raised in the south but with a bit of Asian flare. Growing up with a Korean mom and Alabama Country Boy of a Dad, things were always fun and interesting. Today she lives in a brick house on a hill, that they like to call a Mountain, with her husband, the cutest little ¼ Korean girl, their Redbone Coonhound, and a cat. With long summers and mild winters she spends most of her time taking photos outdoors. Kim’s photography is most greatly inspired by her daughter, children’s stories, poems, anything Jane Austen and just beautiful things in general. She yearned for some time, to bring out the more soulful/poetic side of herself into her photography and freelensing helps her to do just that.



DeAnna, owner of DeAnna McCasland Photography : DeAnna is a photographer turned farmer and believes there’s nothing better in life than a good belly laugh, strong coffee, and working with your hands. She is from the country in South Carolina, but now calls the hills of West Virginia home where she resides with her mountain man husband, 2 children, and bloodhound pup. She is a homeschooling, homestead building mama so photography is a creative outlet to find the beauty in her life and is a way for her to slow down and focus on the “now” when life starts get hectic. Freelensing has taught her patience, how to let go of the imperfection, and is a way for her to photograph her world in a new light.


Amanda, owner of Amanda O’Donoughue Photography : Amanda is a mother first to an almost 3 year old little toe headed boy. She has been in the portrait business for almost two years specializing in the mother and child bond. When she is not up late editing birth sessions while her child sleeps, she can be found out in nature with her son. In the backyard collecting bugs, or on the prairie getting up close and personal with alligators; she is an ex zookeeper who is passionate about conservation, and the preservation of mother earth’s resources, flora and fauna alike. As a collector of many things, rocks, cat whiskers, feathers, shells and ephemera, photography to Amanda is her preferred method of collecting the memories of her son’s daily life. The free lensing technique perfectly accentuates the dreamlike state she finds herself in as a sleep deprived stay at home mother and small business owner.


Lindsey Bergstrom, owner of Lindsey Bergstrom Photography. Lindsey started photography as young teen and has always had a camera within reach ever since. After college she completed her Master’s in Documentary Photography while living in the UK. She has been lucky enough to travel the world and live in some amazing places with her husband and two little ones. Born and raised a Wyoming girl she still loves quiet days on the river fly fishing with her family and watching a storm come over the mountains. Her love for freelensing started over a year ago and now it feels more comfortable to photograph with her lens detached than attached.


Rebecca Coursey-Rugh, owner of A Wondered Life, loves toy-cluttered perfection, photography, mountains next to the sea, and old books that smell like wood.  On her “about” page she writes, “I am deeply devoted to my craft, to mothering, to life, and to art. I love figuring out how things work. I love getting messy. I love a good tale as much as I love photography that is authentic and real. And down in my bones, in the heart of my being, I love weaving all of these things together. In my work, I strive to capture the elements of life I believe in: love, simplicity, intention, and the extraordinary in the everyday. Raised in Colorado, educated in the Humanities and Art, I now live in West Los Angeles with my merry brood: close to the sun, the 10, soverymanyhumans, the waves and the wind.”




Cate Wnek, owner of Cate Wnek Photography. Cate came to love photography shooting her children, capturing the beauty of the everyday. She is a stay at home mom with two children who captures the magic and wonder of childhood using natural light living on the coast of Maine. Her images are her children at their best, just playing, pretending, jumping – being themselves, enjoying the enchantment and freedom of childhood. When not photographing, she is going for a run, going to the beach with friends, or enjoying a delicious dinner with her husband after the kids have gone to bed.




Celeste Pavlik, owner of  Everyday Photo Bliss is known for her dramatic use of light and her admiration of black and white photography.  She has a gift for capturing a wide array of emotions in her honest and organic imagery of her subjects. While the subject of her lens is most often one, or all four of her sons, she also immerses herself in the quietness of macro and still life photography. Receiving acclamation in several juried shows, she is finding herself happily pulled in to the fine art world. Freelensing is new to her, but fits perfectly with the way she sees life and allows her to document those raw, quiet and more pensive moments in the lives of her family even amidst the everyday of raising four young boys.




Kelly Akers has been a photographer since her college days where she started in black and white film. She was born in Southern California but have been in Southern Indiana since she was 15. She is married and a mom to 3 amazing girls who have always been her inspiration. Kelly first started freelensing a year and a half ago and was addicted after her first try. “I love the challenge of freelensing, the thrill of not exactly knowing how the images will turn out and the dreaminess that I always seem to find in a freelensed image. Not worrying about achieving perfection is so freeing and freelensing has been my much needed creative release.”



    1. Hi! Thank you so much! To share simply post your weekly “Favorite Freelensed” image to our FB wall. We will be curating a collection of varied images from ppl who share with us each week and blogging them every Wednesday! We want everyone to enjoy and share freely!

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