Freelensed Fridays | June 17th – June 23rd 2015

it’s that time again. time to showcase a few of my very, very favorite freelensed photos that these lovely artists shared on The Freelensed facebook page. Thank you so much for sharing a little glimpse in to your daily lives. Every single one of these make me feel as though I am there… thank you for allowing that feeling of escape for a few moments ❤

– celeste pavlik

joniburttphotographyJoni Burtt Photography



melissaclemonsMelissa Clemons


stephaniestachowiakphotographyStephanie Tilmann-Stachowiak Photography


kelliebrindleyphotographyKellie Brindley Photography


soniaepplefotografieSonia Epple Fotografie


privizzinipassionPrivizzini’s Passion Photography


performerphotographyPerformer Photography


reneebarthRenee Barth

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