Freelensed Fridays | May 20th – May 26th

have you heard of the concept wabi sabi? wabi sabi is based on the concept of the discovery of beauty in the imperfection.  whenever i see a freelensed photo i think about this concept and how it relates to this concept and to us as artists. letting go of perfection, creating what our heart feels instead of what our mind or a client tells us to. shooting without thinking, just shooting with feeling from our soul. taking the time to breathe and to be present. i love this quote i recently came across:

sometimes i have to remind myself

that i don’t have to do

what everyone else

is doing.

-author unknown

every week the beautiful work that graces the page of The Freelensed facebook page  just reiterates that, that is what you’re doing. these are my favorites of the week. thank you for inspiring me. xo,

– celeste pavlik



dominique maclellan

TheFreelensed_Blog_DividerLN Photography

LN photography


applewood photography


jendzen photography


chaos & bliss photography


hamilton creek photography


three plus photography


amanda lyn custer

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