Freelensed Fridays | April 8th – 14th

life is unpredictable,

it changes with the seasons,

even your coldest winter,

happens for the best of reasons,

and though it feels eternal,

like all you’ll ever do is freeze,

i promise spring is coming,

and with it, brand new leaves.

– erin hanson

a perfect poem for this new season of our lives.

the submissions this past week were so lovely. each of them having an underlying theme of springtime.

i feel honored to have been able to take in your beautiful imagery and that you were brave enough to share them with the world.

these are my favorite freelensed images. continue to be brave in your craft and take risks. this is what feeling art feels like to me.

celeste pavlik



Love Bee Photography


Jayne Elizabeth Photography


Renee Barth Photography


Greenscapes Photography


Applewood Photography


Robin Greer Troxell


Huckleberry Baby Photography

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