Compass: The Freelensed Monthly Edition: March 2015

If only the hours spent laboring to bring your body earth side could be the compass to your heart. That with each contraction I felt, my understanding of who you were to become would be etched on my soul. That as I pushed you out into this bright world from the grey of my womb, the map of your heart would come with you, offering a guide to navigate the terrain of your soul.

For sometimes, just sometimes, I bring myself back to the moment you were born and the weight of your body as you passed from me, and wish you had whispered your secrets so I could always follow you into the wilds of your childhood, into the somewhere, out there, out where I am not able to follow. -rebecca, a wondered life




           rebecca coursey | a wondered life


Haven Freelens

       Anna Christine Photography 



Cate Wnek Photography


Sherri Davis freelensed monthly

Sherri Davis Photography



Celeste Pav | Everyday Photo Bliss



  1. I am bowled over by the gorgeous images I find here. I want to drink them all in and emulate the work I see. I am so excited to have found ‘The Freelensed’
    Thank you!

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