Freelensed Fridays | 1.7 thru 1.13


Here at The Freelensed, we can’t say enough how honored we are, that week after week you open up your soul and share your art with us. It. Is. Incredible.

Looking through your photographs is a delight -pure joy. And we don’t ever want you to be discouraged or put down your camera. That was one reason why we chose to make it a weekly feature rather than a weekly top ten –it also allowed us to be flexible in the number of photographs we chose to share. Sometimes the number might be 5 or 8. This week it is a whooping 14! I just couldn’t stop. They were so incredible. We also want you to know that we run each week on a Wednesday-Tuesday schedule so that we have time to go through and relish your images before we post them on the Friday blog.

I hope you enjoy this frolic though these gorgeous images as much as I did!

xoxo, Rebecca

PS. Don’t forget to enter our giveaway! It ends next week! Click through to this link found here.


10468019_10152452489870566_6375511109198463790_oSonia Epple Fotografie

10856673_908188639199866_7940467635591592832_oTerra Fondriest Photography

10687521_10101347414292982_1787964019302862141_oForever Whimsy Photography

10917207_10205190356427498_170019930905691423_oKate Cuenoud Photography

10933776_10153512960309972_4164633712422855508_nNicole Humphrey | Photography

10917206_10205523729283012_4863915050509892413_oSoul Threading

10900192_10152973739836675_8990270538132202481_oSalty Air Creations

1557236_10152558366091960_8616912431690817385_oMelissa Rowley

10904518_10153085763288804_754012388584420860_oLB Photography

10897081_809842012420152_8454242339454625736_nShannon Barker

10920932_780672002004240_6893018349987410821_nErin Hensley Photography

10857373_758194614264474_7294034439544935531_otwenty-nine and counting

10838090_10204835426399581_7961255349360903384_oJanet Crouch Photography

10911273_10205965837003871_2632745340829120132_oAmanda Custer Photography 


Until next week!!! xoxo





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