FREELENSED Fridays: Late October Edition 2014

oh autumn.  golden sunshine and the shudder of the wind’s sweet breath. your gentle way has me turn my back on summer’s laughter and long days. instead i wait. i wait for the winter, for darkness, and for grace.

friends near and far you continue to amaze us with your stunning artwork and your ability to stretch yourself.

xoxo –rebecca



 Renee B Photography



 Kay & Flair Photography



Privizzini’s Passion




 Louise Zabriskie



Sarah Landa Photography


Falling into a time of change, light shifting, breezes cooling. The little moments still mean the most though. Just for a minute, we are pulled into our thoughts and the beauty around us. It is that feeling that draws me into these images and keeps me captive.

xoxo Cate


Nicola Stewart Photography


Nicki Bosch Photography


Michael Kinney


Erin Hensley Photography


Lens & Beauty


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