FREELENSED FRIDAYS : August 13th Thru August 20th

It is with a heavy heart that I have to let everyone know that this is my final week with The Freelensed.

I have absolutely loved my time with this amazing group of talented artists

and seeing all the incredible contributions from all our followers each week!

For me, it just came down to not enough hours in the day to fulfill all my commitments. 

In closing, I simply want to say thank you! Thank you for embracing me, this group

and this gorgeous technique that is so dear to my heart! 

All my love, 

Paige Xo


Carla Mae Photography10361567_734120599983141_7395886930162078881_n



Love Bee Photography1896857_10204069623409873_4072114372807356595_n

Kate Cuénoud Photography10464059_10154494822525472_1404844825886050459_n

HCS Photography10620737_1453243498287274_5249216179407777890_n

My Three Sons Images10540901_344596445689860_2978176296276428173_n

Nina Mingioni Photography10378307_612124387387_9191323356057826325_n

Marcy Harris Photos


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