FREELENSED FRIDAYS: August 6th thru August 12th

Today is my last day of judging for this incredible page, and so I took the liberty to do a major overshare. In the months since we started this page every time I have had to judge I toil and moan and groan that I have to get the images down to a reasonable amount. Well, get ready for a long post, I still had many more that I would have loved to include, but you would have all been here all day, lol. I am letting go of my role as admin on The Freelensed so that I can take this next year to really focus on my daughter and my health. But, I’ll still be around as much as possible, soaking in all the incredible work that you all share, and now I can share from time to time too!

Freelensing completely filled a void in me. The unpredictability, the softness, the blur, the color, the mood, the depth, all drew me in, and I just had to learn to do it. For those of you just starting out, don’t stop. If you love it, and feel that desire to learn it, succumb to it. Be patient and kind to yourself as you explore this technique, it is just everything.

All my love,


Click on Image to see more from the artist…

Amber Carbo Privizzini Becky Crenshaw Mathis_Rear Window Collection Bobbi-JobStuart_Love Bee Photography Bobbi-JobStuart_Love Bee Photography_2 Chels Hover Erin Hensley Photography Joni Burtt Photography KristieRobinPhotography Abigail Vencil PhotographyMarcy Kay Harris_ Marcy Harris Photos Maria Griner Photography Melissa Anderson Clemons_Storytime Photography Monika Breitenmoser Photography  Robin Bonner Photography Sahsha Kochanowicz_ Ruby Lee PhotographyNatalie Wiseman Wheeler_ Act Naturally Photography







  1. Love looking at all your images, they are beautiful and creative! I tried free lensing and my shutter hit the lens, now Im afraid to damage my camera, do you ever have that happen?

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