The Freelensed Monthly Edition: July 2014

oh friends, what a june.

i feel as if i have lived a thousand summers through the stories your images tell.

i feel the heat of the sticky damp nights that live in the heart of the southern shores, the firefly magic in a young child’s eyes, sandy tides, the tang of melons, and the oh-so many dancing hearts. is it a wonder at all, for all her uncompromising glare, that we worship the sweet Sun and her blanketed rays of these long days of summer?

i am so looking forward to july and august: sun flares, lazy days together, backyard BBQs, the sweet golden hour of sunset.

collect the memories. gather them as a farmer harvests his wheat.

then, please, oh please share your freelensed images with us! we look forward to seeing them and sharing them here. xoxo –rebecca

logo-IMG_2286 copy

Paige Everson│Sweet Magnolia Photography


sherri freelensed july_

Sherri Davis│Sherri Davis Photography



Rebecca Coursey│A Wondered Life Photography



Amanda O’Donoughue│Amanda O’Donoughue Photography



Lindsey Bergstrom│Lindsey Bergstrom PhotographyTheFreelensed_Blog_Divider


DeAnna McCasland│DeAnna McCasland PhotographyTheFreelensed_Blog_Divider

 Anna Christine Larson│Anna Christine Photography



 Kim Hilliard│Kim Hill Photography



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