FREELENSED FRIDAY’S: May 14th thru May 20th

I love how freelensing isolates parts of our images and makes us see something’s we may have never noticed before.  Whether it be the beautiful freckles across a woman’s shoulder or innocent details of childhood, freelensing has a way of turning something so mundane into art.  As I was scrolling through the images to choose the ones to feature I felt like I was in a dreamscape.  Its absolutely magical.  I was really inspired by the black and whites shared this past week as well as the pops of spring colors.  I loved each and every image that was shared and I want to keep encouraging all of you to keep putting your beautiful work out into the world and make sure to share on the our Facebook page for a chance to be featured next Friday.

Heres a few of my favorites:

Caitlin Soileau


Anita Cline – My Three Sons Images


Eastview Photography


Three Flowers Photos


Kate Vellacott Pictures

kate vellacott

Kelly Shumaker Photography


Nicki Bosch Photograpy


Sanja Krog Photography


The Whispering Willow


Alex Summer Photography




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