The Freelensed Monthly Edition: May 2014

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”  Henry David Thoreau

Each of us is born an artist. When we are children we connect to the world around us through our senses, we see things that grown-ups don’t. But suddenly, we arrive at that place where we are no longer children.  As we get older, often our sight, our words, our taste for life begins to fail us. Not because we are uncreative and old, but because we forget to use the gifts we were given at birth. So from time to time we must remember to step off the path in front of us, push our hearts to the pounding limit, and drink the world around us as we did when we were once new.  Freelensing pushes us to continue to redefine our art; to redefine how we see the world. To make more, create more, to make our art better.

 We are so grateful that so many of you have joined us in in this freelensing community.

We cannot even express how awe inspiring all of your images have been to each and every one of us.

You dear friends, are inspiration.

Each month we admin will be sharing our current favorite freelensed image in a Monthly Edition Post. Here is the May Edition. Enjoy! and please continue to share, participate, and encourage us with your beautiful work!

Anna Christine Larson│Anna Christine Photography



Kim Hilliard│Kim Hill Photography


Paige Everson│Sweet Magnolia Photography


sherri davis photography

Sherri Davis│Sherri Davis Photography



Rebecca Coursey│A Wondered Life Photography



Amanda O’Donoughue│Amanda O’Donoughue Photography



Lindsey Bergstrom│Lindsey Bergstrom PhotographyTheFreelensed_Blog_Divider


DeAnna McCasland│DeAnna McCasland PhotographyTheFreelensed_Blog_Divider



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