DeAnna McCasland

Hello!  I am so thrilled to be here!  Im DeAnna, with DeAnna Mccasland Photography.

Freelensing has been a creative outlet for me while staying at home with my children.  Its easy to let every day feel the same, like we are robots working  through our routine as we check chores off our to do lists.  Freelensing has been a way to make me   s l o w     d o w n & to help me through this season of life.  Like most of you, I am a very busy mama of 2, a wife, & business owner.   This is a way for me to take a minute to really think about the image I’m creating instead of just a quick snap.  Its a way for me to push my inner artist to create something meaningful.  It has become an outlet for me to take time out of my day to create.  And the outcome with freelensing is magical.  Like its right out of a dream.  That serves as a reminder that not all days are rushed through, that we did take time to find the beauty and to enjoy each moment of these long glorious days of motherhood.

I am looking forward to pushing myself to create more freelensed images and Im honored to be doing so along side all of you.



DMfreelens DMfreelens-4 DMfreelens-18 DMfreelens-26 daily-5 daily-7


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