Amanda O’Donoughue

Hello, my name is Amanda O’Donoughue.

The freelens work I have seen so far from everyone that shares here is so special. I really relate to the passion and patience that is involved in this skill and am looking forward to growing alongside all of you.

Even though my freelensing adventures are new, I am completely in love with the technique. The light “fog” and softness of the images remind me of  dreams. Images resembling the subconscious.  I am a fan of manual focus, even without freelensing, so I feel very comfortable with my finger planted on the ring. I work primarily with a toddler as my muse, so it is always a challenge finding a quick focus and i have recently let go of the expectations to find a sharpness in the process. I first saw the technique used by Lindsey Bergstrom, and even though I was inspired by her beautiful portraits, I didn’t try it myself until sometime later. Once I made the decision to sell my back-up camera, the first thing I did was take the lens off and freelens. Needless to say, I have yet to sell that camera. I am hooked.

I am honored to be apart of this group and look forward to sharing the love for the freelensed.

IMG_6483fin IMG_6492 IMG_9510B&W IMG_9669B&W IMG_9815B&W


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