Sherri Davis

I’m so excited to be here with these incredible photographers. My name is Sherri and I own Sherri Davis Photography.

Photography is my therapy. It has taught me to slow down and be in the moment, enjoying even the simplest times and seeing the beauty there. Freelensing is so energizing. The freedom to create the unpredictable gives me an incredible rush every time I slip off my lens. I love that something so beautiful can emerge from an ordinary moment just by altering what the eye expects. What is normally overlooked. That is what makes freelensing so wonderful. As you tilt your lens and different parts of a scene come into focus you see things differently. You end up with something that surprises. It is that unexpectedness that drives me.

sherri davis about me1-13   sherri davis freelense fav-3
sherri davis freelense fav-2 sherri davis photography sarnia photographer april 10 on 10-6

sherri davis about me1


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