Kim Hilliard

Hello everyone! I am Kim of Kim Hill Photography!

Oh freelensing how I love it so. I had been admiring this technique for sometime, but was totally scared of dropping my lens or getting dust blown into my camera etc, etc. Finally with some helpful hints and encouragement from both Lindsey Bergstrom of Lindsey Bergstrom Photography and Paige of Sweet Magnolia Photography-NY I took the plunge and…. I totally didn’t “get” it, lol! I felt confused and defeated. I think I might have tried twice, but got nothing. On my third try I got the first image that you see below, and I loved it soo very much!!! I still had no clue what I was doing, but boy was I hooked! I entered it into the “Finding the Light” workshop contest and placed Honorable Mention with a prize. I was shocked! But it helped give me the confidence to continue. There is just something about it that feeds my creative soul. I look forward to being a part of this project/page, and being inspired by you all as we explore and grow in this world of freelensing.







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